Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We've fixed pasting images from Google Slides, Google Docs, and other third parties.
Please give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues with this feature.
copy paste image
Need help with your talk track? Our AI can look at your content and suggest good talking points for you to impress your audience.
Speaker Notes
Looking for some data to support your case? Now when you generate a new card with AI, you can ask specifically for a chart and it will come pre-populated with data for you.
generate charts
AI images are more powerful than ever in Gamma. You can now generate in a consistent visual style, plus you can access the best new models like Dall-E 3, Playground 2.5, and Google Imagen.
AI Images 1
This new AI feature will help you update and elevate your content with ease, card by card. Let our AI help you improve your writing, generate better images, and even suggest different layouts.
Edit with AI
We improved the way our Instagram post and reel embedding works*
*For Instagram post and reel embeds to work, make sure that the post or reel is public and embeddable. See more here:
We completely revamped our Diagrams feature. Come play in a new freeform canvas and generate beautifully detailed visuals.
Creating interactive charts and graphs is now incredibly easy and fun in Gamma. Build engaging data visualizations to help you tell your story.
This month's release is packed with AI improvements across the board: faster image generation and more models to choose from, unlimited AI for all Plus users, and AI card generation to help you move even faster.
Secure your gammas with password protection. It's now easy to safeguard and manage access to your content.
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