Hi, I am a nursing instructor who loves using gamma for my lecture materials for the students. They love that they can go back into the presentations at anytime to review content.
I would love to have the videos we upload from youtube edited so I don't have to have the entire video play just to get to a certain part that I am discussing in class. EX: a video from simple nursing on cirrhosis of the liver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq14q3gDpfQ it is over 6 minutes long but I only want to show the students the section on pathophysiology. I would like to be able to cut the video down to just that section so that is all they will see. I can then do the same when I get to the slide that discusses the liver function.
The problem with videos for nursing is the length. The students have to sit through tons of extra information that is not being discussed yet so they tend not to use the material for learning purposes. If I can just utilize the material I need it where it pertains to lecture it would be awesome.
This is something that I was able to do when I used nearpod. I now use gamma for so many reasons and love this product but would like this feature added if you could! Not sure if this is a feature thing or what area to categorize this into